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Stapleton, CO Tidbits

Stapleton is a master planned community conveniently located 10 minutes away from downtown Denver, and is a short drive from the Denver International Airport. The community was developed by Forest City Enterprises Inc. Even though it's situated in Denver, Stapleton has a style of its own. The mission of the community is to create a new type of fun and enjoyable lifestyle that Denverites and people who wish to move here enjoy. The trails, parks, and shopping centers already put Stapleton in a class of its own. The company who built Stapleton knew exactly what they were doing. In fact, this quiet little master planned community has received numerous awards for design, sense of community, and most importantly, their mission to protect the environment. Every home built in this community is considered a green building and is 100% compliant with Energy Star Compliant!

Stapleton attracts much diverse business due to its quality of life and strong work ethic of its residents. Of course, most businesses are in business to make a profit. And, Stapleton makes it a tad bit easier for businesses to grow. Stapleton offers a perfect location for businesses because it's located within Colorado's Enterprise Zone, which makes it easier for business to succeed. In addition to all of the commercial space being designed to LEED standards, business owners can also save on a wide variety of factors that can increase their bottom line. Some of the benefits of operating a business out of Stapleton include:
  • Special discounts
  • Employee tax credits
  • Cash rewards for employee health insurance
  • And much more

  • Some of the businesses who choose Stapleton as their home include:
  • FBI
  • US Bank
  • A.F. Williams Family Medical Center
  • Nobel/SYSCO food services

  • Stapleton is highly recognized for its sense of community and the quality of life. Individuals who live in Stapleton enjoy more to this town than their job. As being part of Denver, this community has a wide access to a wide array of activities, culture, and outdoor you can possibly imagine.

    While the resident's boasts about how great and fun it is to live and play in Stapleton, don't take their word for it. They have received many awards and accolades for being one of the most sustainable communities in Denver, and throughout the U.S. Some honorable mentions and awards they received include but are not limited to:
  • Best Sustainable Neighborhood ( Pacific Coast Builders)
  • Stockholm Partnership for Sustainable Cities Award
  • 2006 Award for Excellence (Urban Land Institute)

  • Stapleton may be in Denver, but it's a community all on its own. It boasts with more than 100 restaurants, and shops, it's a perfect location for individuals who love the great outdoors; it has a 36 mile bike trail, which connects to Denver's 800 mile trail network. In addition to a beautiful trail for bikers, it also has the following:
  • 6 schools, and more in development
  • Plans for over 1100 acres of open space and recreational parks
  • A 50,00 square foot Central Park Recreation Center
  • Newer homes that exceed expectations of green building codes

  • Whether you want to live here or play here, you can rest assured that Stapleton has a strong sense of community, a passion for the great outdoors, an unrelenting desire to protect the environment, and a strong work ethic to support the economic growth of their community. It's safe to say that Stapleton is a great place to live, visit or work. It's a fast growing community that shows promise for strong economic growth and a greener world.

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