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Montebello, CO Tidbits

Montbello is a neighborhood in the Northeast section of Denver and it hosts over 30, 000 residents.

In 1965, Montbello was the 1st major annexation of a privately owned land far east of Denver. The annexation plans were for development of parks, schools, and a wide variety of public facilities. With this new plan in place, developers went to work and built a wide variety of homes including, small, single family homes, large-multi-level family homes, and every other type of home imaginable.

Unfortunately, Montbello is known for itís higher than average crime rate, and its gangs. The crime and gangs in this town are so out of control that it even crossed over to the neighboring city, Green Valley Ranch. In addition to high crime, Montbello also suffers from an education system that is less than average. The local officials and residents of Montbello are coming together to try to make Montbello a better place. While it may take a while, they are making efforts to enhance the quality of education and overall quality of life in this area.

While Montbello has some challenges, it still has a wide variety of amenities for locals and visitors to enjoy. This small inner city town is dedicated to building a strong reputation that enhances academic growth, gets rid of crime, and promotes the community. There are many near-by attractions that make a trip to Montbello worth it.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

One of the most notable attractions that are north of Montbello includes the infamous Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. Where this refuge now stands used to be home of a U.S. Chemical weapons manufacturing center; Rocky Mountain Arsenal. Now itís a habitat for over 300 species of wildlife including owls, coyotes, deer, American bison and many others.

Quincy Reservoir

A few miles away in Aurora, is a drinking water storage facility known as Quincy Reservoir. From March to October, this large Reservoir is open to the public for fishing, boating and all-around fun. Locals and anglers alike enjoy bass, trout, perch, and crappie provided by the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

The Wildlife Experience Museum

This state of the art museum is situated close to the Denver Technological Center. This is one museum that is not like any other. It focuses on three main areas that include nature films, natural history, and wildlife art. In fact, it has 9 galleries of paintings, sculptures and photography, showcasing exotic wildlife. The museumís mission is to inform and educate visitors about conservation of wildlife.

Denver Coliseum

One of the great things about Montbello is that itís close to the Denver Coliseum. The Denver Coliseum was established in 1947, and ever since its inception it has been offering a wide variety of fun for adults and children alike. It hosts the National Western Stock Show ever year, and it hosts a wide variety of hockey, circus, trade show, and sporting events throughout the year.

Despite the bad reputation that Montbello receives, it is still in close proximity to Denver, and is thriving with businesses that contribute to the local economy. Some of the main industries that provide Montbello residents with income and a standard way of life include but is not limited to:
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Retail
  • Arts & Recreation

  • While residents are trying to make Montbello a safer place to live, itís still close enough to all the nearby attractions. Whether you want to climb the Rocky Mountains, explore an art show, get up close and personal with exotic wild life or learn about Coloradoís rich history, Montbello is the perfect place for you.

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