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Glendale, CO Tidbits

Nestled away in the bustling city of Denver is a gem waiting to be discovered. Glendale was settled in 1859 and incorporated in 1952. It is surrounded on all sides by Denver just hidden away there waiting to be discovered. Glendale is a municipal entity which happens to also be an enclave. Glendale is where the young people go to live and have fun. In fact, the median age of this small community is only 29! Glendale is only a few minutes away from Downtown, Cherry Creek and the Tech Center, which makes Glendale the perfect location to be close to all the action without paying the expensive prices of living in them. Glendale is a growing community that welcomes economic change. In fact, one of their major new attractions that is set for construction in 2012 is the highly anticipated Glendale Riverwalk. The Glendale Riverwalk will be located along the1/2 mile Cherry Creek that runs through Glendale. Similar to the San Antonio River Walk, the Glendale Riverwalk will be the central attraction surrounded by shops, restaurants, and other attractions. This new development is predicted to promote tourism, and enhance the quality of life for Denver residents.

This lush and gorgeous little city proudly called home by approximately 4,200 residents, sits at an elevation of about 5,280 feet, which means plenty of clean fresh air. The city itself isn't very big only about 0.6 square miles, but for what it lacks in size it makes up with in beauty. The magnificent shades of green, splashes of red, orange and purple will greet you lovingly as you stroll through Cherry Creek Path. The gentle sound of water flowing lazily down the creek as this wonderful little trail goes on for about a mile as you lose yourself in the embrace of nature.

Infinity Park which is located in Glendale is a sports stadium and home of the United States national rugby team! The stadium opened in 2007 at the very worthwhile cost of $22.5 million dollars and is also the first municipally owned stadium in America. Infinity Park has 4,000 seats and is opened to a plethora of events and entertainment. It also boasts a state of the art event center, an athletic training facility and community fitness center.

Also located in majestic Glendale is the Four Mile Historic Park, which is 12 acres of nature just hitting you in the face. Its home to the oldest house in the Denver area, the Four Mile House. Built in 1859 it was a place for travelers to kick up their feet and rest a spell on their way to Denver. Today it houses a summer camp, event center and a museum.

If there is one thing that residents and visitors love alike, is the green beauty that surrounds Glendale. There a wide variety of green parks and trails that makes the trip to Glendale well worth the visit. Some of the greenest locations in Colorado can be found at the following places:
  • Playa del Carmen Park
  • Cherry Creek Trail
  • Creekside Park
  • Mir Park

  • Glendale is one place you want to go to get away from the hustle and bustle of Denver, and other major cities, and just escape from the pressures of the world, and relax. Glendale offers a wide array of picturesque views, green trails and parks, and a safe haven for many sports enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite sports in teams. If you are looking for a place that is quiet, beautiful and full of fun and entertainment, then Glendale is the perfect place for you!

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