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Foxfield, CO Tidbits

Before, European settlers claimed establishments of lands, the town now known as Foxfield was once home to Native American tribes including members of the Kiowa, Cheyenne, and Arapahoe tribes.

The town of Foxfield is located in Arapahoe County and is 10 miles southeast of Denver, and is approximately 7 miles south of other famed Colorado city; Aurora. Foxfield is 1.25 square miles and it hosts a population of over 700 residents. But, don't let the small numbers fool you. This is one area that boasts with eloquent equestrian trails, mountain views, and is positioned for economic commercial growth. This is one small town that has a big impact on the way people live and work in this rural area.

One of Foxfield's main focuses is to preserve the rural nature and country living that it offers. Many of the residents fight to make sure that this rural town remains that way. They often tell non-residents how luckily they are to be in an area full of dark skies, exotic wildlife and picturesque views.

Even though the town is doing everything it can to stay rural, there are some improvements that must be made to enhance the quality of life for their residents. Some improvements have included paved roads, a water system, and the Foxfield Village Center. The community is trying to find the perfect balance of maintaining the rural lifestyle of Foxfield, while still continuing to keep a strong focus on economic growth that will contribute to making more improvements and preserving the quality of simple living.

Foxfield was incorporated as a town in 1994. If it wasn't for its incorporation, the town would have struggled to finish projects and meet major milestones. Most of the projects that were included in Foxfield's incorporation was control of commercial and residential building, road improvements, development of a new water system and a wide variety of other projects that enhanced the economic growth of the small town. From 1996 to the late 2,000's, Foxfield continued to develop as a town, reaching many milestones, without losing its rural quality of life.

Many residents are drawn to the rural feel, the serene nature, and overall simplicity of life that Foxfield has to offer. Foxfield offers beautiful country living in a big city! While many residents will tell you that they love Foxfield, they are only a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Denver. So, if they ever get tired of country living, or just want to escape to the city for a day, Denver is not too far away.

Whether you want some old country living, or the fast paced vibe of a major metropolitan city, Fox field is the perfect location that gives you the best of both worlds.

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