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Centennial, CO Tidbits

The city of Centennial is one of Colorado's newest cities. It was incorporated as a city in 2001. It's located in the southern Denver metropolitan area, and is part of Arapahoe County. It is a few miles away from towns and cities such as: Aurora, Foxfield, and Greenwood Village, Highlands Ranch, Englewood and a few other towns in Colorado.

The name Centennial was chosen by the residents of the area at the time. They created the name because it reflected Colorado's admission to the Union as the 38th state during the year 1876. The incorporation was approved by over 70% of the voters. The primary reason for incorporation was to prevent annexations by the city of Greenwood Village and also to improve the tax base of the area.

Even though Centennial is the "new kid on the block", it has shown improvement for being one of the fastest growing cities in Colorado. The city thrives on major retailers that contribute to its economic growth. One of its most recognized retail assets include The Streets at South Glenn, which was one of the largest projects of the United States in 2009. The Streets at South Glenn is a 1.1 million square foot facility that boasts with major retailers such as Macy, Sears, and it even has a Hollywood theatre. The facility is filled with national and local shops for everyone to enjoy. Another major retail asset is the Centennial Promenade which is a 500,000 square feet facility located in the Park Meadows trade area. This promenade consists of national brands we all love and enjoy such as. Michaels, Guitar Center, OfficeMax, Ross, Petco, Toys R Us and many other national and local retailers.

Discover what the residents of Centennial have to say about their city

The residents of this new town love more than shopping. They actually love living here. A survey was sent out to 3,000 residents, however only 940 of Centennial residents responded. But, the results were enough to put a smile on many faces.
  • 90% ranked overall quality of life as excellent or good
  • 85% ranked public libraries, schools, emergency medical, and fire districts as excellent or good service
  • 75% ranked quality of services excellent or good

  • Centennial has been incorporated as a city for over 10 years. However, 2011, was the year the small town reached many milestones that showed that they were born for economic growth and a bright future. Some of the milestones they reached not too long ago include:
  • Recognized as the safest city in Colorado for the 7th consecutive year in a row
  • Established its first Senior Commission, which consist of 12 members dedicated to support seniors in the community.
  • Began construction of its first park, Centennial Center Park
  • The opening of Colorado's 1st IKEA store

  • Centennial is proof that you can take a small city, and make it into a big one! With their new and innovative Comprehensive Plan the city will continue to strive for economic growth by implementing public policy and making the vision for the city come to life. Centennial offers a small town feel with a big town vibe. Centennial has a wide array of shops, schools, libraries, which makes it a perfect place to live or visit. Whether you want to work here, live here, or have fun here, Centennial offers a wide variety of activities for you and your entire family to enjoy.

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